“We have had amazing support from our supervising social worker at all times, and this encourages us to carry on” – Fostering for Middlesbrough Foster Carer, Emma Mussard.

At Fostering for Middlesbrough, we value our carers. We know that it can be challenging but also one of the most rewarding roles you will ever do. When you join us, you will receive:

Dedicated, bespoke support, whenever you need us. Potential opportunity to join Mockingbird. A fostering ‘buddy’ scheme. Specialist therapeutic care. Regular support groups.

A new competitive financial allowance for you and the children in your care.

A bespoke training programme tailored to your needs, increasing your skills, knowledge and confidence.

Form new friendships with other foster carers through activities and events.

Savings on all kinds of attractions and events including Alton Towers, Go Ape! and more.