Years of experience working with foster carers has taught us that foster carers and the children in their care have bespoke needs when it comes to support.  Below are some of the ways foster carers are supported in Middlesbrough:

Each fostering household in Middlesbrough has a designated and dedicated fostering social worker. The role of the fostering social worker is to support  and supervise the foster carer – working with them to ensure that the outcomes for children in their care are positive. Fostering social workers guide carers in terms of training and development needs, signpost towards practical support and are the key link with the social work team for the children who are fostered.

On some occasions, but hopefully not often, events occur outside of working hours. It is important that foster carers know there is a dedicated service to call when this happens, and they can provide emergency help, support and guidance.

Mockingbird is a new project for Middlesbrough. It puts a group of foster carers together with an experienced ‘hub’ carer at the centre.

The ‘hub’ offers additional practical and pastoral support to the other foster carers in the project. It is expected that this additional focus of activity from a ‘hub’ carer will help carers when difficulties arise with children in their care or just simply provide them with a planned sleepover as needed.

Financial support to assist in the purchase of equipment to enable foster carers to provide care for children to the standard we expect

A buddy, in the form of an experienced foster carer, offering informal support, as you start on your fostering journey.

Regular support groups with other foster carers and staff – including specialist support groups to meet the needs of our carers.

The opportunity to join a private Facebook community enabling you to share experiences with Middlesbrough foster carers and fostering staff.

Specialist therapeutic services for carers and the children they look after.