Ryan is a quiet, caring fourteen year old boy. He jumps at the chance to make life as warm and loving as possible for the other children he shares his residential home with.

Over recent lockdowns Ryan has discovered he loves walking in areas around Middlesbrough. The fresh air and reaching the top of Roseberry Topping makes him feel proud and he looks forward to hill walking most weekends with staff from his residential home. What Ryan really wants is a loving family to go walking with.

Ryan misses his little sister, who he has always been close to. When the siblings were very young they sadly lost both of their parents. They were placed with a foster family who really made Ryan feel as though he finally belonged. Unfortunately Ryan dealt with the loss of his parents in a very different way to Rosie, his little sister. He had lots of feelings in his tummy that he found difficult to communicate which meant that he struggled to live in a busy family home with other children and his sister. Ryan was focusing on caring for his little sister, but he is still a child himself. Ryan needs a home where carers are able to focus their attention on him and help him manage his feelings.

This loss has led Ryan to wonder about where he truly comes from, and he finds solace in piecing together his family tree. Learning from his past is helping him focus more on his dreams.

Ryan is working hard to pass his GCSEs as he dreams of going to University and would like a loving home with carers who are able to support and guide him.

Sadly, Ryan thinks he’s too old to be fostered. Why would a family want to love and care for someone like him? Past experiences have made Ryan slow to trust, but his tender, attentive manner towards those that are close to him shows his desire to connect and form a loving, secure bond. Ryan has a lot of love to give. He needs a foster carer to stick by him and show him that he can be loved too, he is still a child.

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Ryan thinks he’s too old to be fostered. Why would a family want to love and care for someone like him?

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