Ruby is a sensible and happy 16 year old who is excited and nervous about what her future holds.

Ruby needs a home where she will be supported to become more independent and where she can learn to manage her money before she follows her dream of going to university.

Ruby entered foster care when she was 14 as her home life became difficult when her dad began a new relationship and was no longer meeting her basic needs and was unable to care for her.

Ruby has thrived in foster care and is conscientious and ambitious but her foster carers are now retiring and Ruby is looking for a home where she has the space and support to grow into an independent adult.

Ruby worked hard for success in her GCSEs and is now studying A Levels. Her tutors are confident Ruby will get a place at University and think a supportive home where she can learn the life skills she will need to be fully independent will help her develop into a confident young person.

A supported lodging with an adult who works full time and with a good work / life balance could have a really positive influence on Ruby’s life as sometimes she studies so hard for her dream of becoming a history teacher, she forgets to take time to relax and enjoy her leisure time.

Ruby’s dad has struggled to manage his finances in the past and so an adult who could help her be responsible with money would help her when she moves on to University.

If you would love to foster but don’t have the time to commit to caring for a child or young person – offering a home to a young person like Ruby might be right for you.

If you could support and give space in your home to a young person who is almost ready to live independently our Supported Lodgings team would love to talk to you. Call our team on 01642 354103 for an informal chat today or start your enquiry now.

Ruby is looking for a home where she’s supported to grow into an independent adult.

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