Megan is a caring and bubbly fifteen-year-old girl; she is thirty-eight weeks pregnant and hopes for a foster carer who can guide her through motherhood.

Like many teenage girls, Megan is a happy, sociable girl who enjoys spending time with friends, dancing, and is interested in fashion and makeup. However, unlike her peers, Megan is preparing to enter a life-changing phase, as a young expectant mum.

Although Megan’s pregnancy was unexpected, she is keen to give her baby the upbringing she never had. Understandably this is a stressful time for her and she lacks self-confidence in her ability to be a mum. Megan would like a foster carer who will talk to her like an adult and offer her support and guidance throughout her pregnancy.

As Megan has lacked positive and consistent role models for most of her life, it takes time for her to trust adults. She doesn’t like to feel that someone is making important decisions without her and can sometimes appear oppositional however, as she is getting older, she is learning to trust adults more and value their advice. To support her in her goal of becoming a great mum Megan needs now, more than ever, a carer who can ensure that boundaries are in place.

Megan is articulate and participates well in mainstream school. Although she sometimes struggles with academic subjects, she is very keen to go to Middlesbrough College and become a beauty therapist, as she believes the flexibility of the job will allow her to work alongside bringing up her baby. Her school is very supportive of this and are working with her towards achieving the GCSE grades she needs to succeed.

Megan hopes to become the best mum she can be, and longs for a foster carer who can provide a stable environment for her and her baby.

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Megan longs for a foster carer who can provide a stable environment for her and her baby.

A mother with her baby boy