Faith is a caring and sensitive little girl who is fiercely loyal. The 7 year old was diagnosed with diabetes when she was just 3 years old and amazes everyone she meets with how she looks after her health and still always finds time to check her friends are ok.

Sadly Faith’s mum finds life difficult, she suffers with depression and self-medicates with alcohol which means she falls asleep and forgets to make sure Faith is fed and cared for. Faith’s nana and grandad adore their granddaughter but are not well enough to give Faith the support and care she needs. They would desperately like to see Faith have a safe home where they know she will be cared for and grow and achieve her dreams.

At school Faith’s favourite subjects are Maths and PE. Her teachers think it’s because she always has something clear to aim for – the right answer to a times tables question or a hoop in basketball! Like all children Faith makes mistakes but she is very determined and practices things over and over again to try and make it right. Sometimes she needs support knowing when to ask for help or to take a break as she tries her best to make her teachers happy without ‘bothering’ them.

Faith has a small group of very close friends who are very important to her. They all care about Faith too – making sure she is feeling well and checking that she is eating regularly. Faith’s teacher, Miss Smith, loves to see the relationship between the group of girls and says she would love to see Faith in a stable and caring home as she is such a kind and lovely little girl. It would devastate Faith if she moved away from Middlesbrough and her grandparents and friends that she loves so much.

Faith would love a fostering family in Middlesbrough where she feels safe and cared for.

If you could give Faith a home where she can stay close to her school, family and friends chat to us today on 01642 201962 or start your enquiry now to help a child like Faith today.

Faith would love a fostering family in Middlesbrough where she feels safe and cared for.

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