Dillan is an ambitious and intelligent fourteen-year-old boy who longs for a family to support him in his goal of becoming a social worker or politician.

Dillan is a gentle and considerate boy, who is looking to form a trusting bond with his foster carer. Although his introverted personality means he initially struggles to make small talk, he is very respectful towards his carers and responds positively to guidance.

As a young child Dillan was neglected, both of his parents struggled with alcohol addictions, meaning that he didn’t always get the love and support he required. Dillan has recently been diagnosed with autism and can sometimes become overly anxious and fixated on certain things. However, he has learned to control his autism remarkably well, and would like a foster parent that can help him continue to manage his disorder.

Despite his tough start in life, Dillan is optimistic about the future and wants to make a difference by training to become a social worker or politician. He loves discussing politics and enjoys watching Newsnight and Question Time. When asked what Dillan would like in a foster carer, he said someone to listen to his opinions and help him reach his goals.

Dillan enjoys school; he has a keen interest in history and politics and an aptitude for remembering key dates and facts – he would love a foster carer who will support his passions and take him to Whitby Abbey. His autism can make concentrating difficult at times; however, he has a strong work ethic and is on track to achieve his academic goals. He would like to go to college and establishing a stable home life is crucial for this to happen. Dillan needs a foster parent who can provide a secure and nurturing environment.

Dillan’s one wish is to have a birthday cake, as he has never had one and would like one before his eighteenth birthday.

Could you foster a teenager like Dillan? Talk to us on 01642 201962 or email fostering@middlesbrough.gov.uk to find out more.

Dillan’s one wish is to have a birthday cake, as he has never had one.

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