Corey is 13 years old and a brilliant big brother to Darcy who is 5. Unfortunately since coming into the council’s care a month ago, Corey and Darcy have not found a home where they can stay together. The children are desperate for a safe foster home where they can be re-united.

Corey is a very caring and responsible young man and for the last couple of years has filled the big shoes of mum and dad to his little sister as his dad has struggled with addiction and to take care of his children, often leaving Corey and Darcy for days at a time.

Corey has washed the children’s few clothes, read the same story to Darcy at bedtime and tried to keep her safe when their dad has been around and angry, meaning he has sometimes been the victim of his dad’s fierce temper.

Corey says he doesn’t have any friends and nobody likes him because he doesn’t know about video games or YouTube. They don’t understand why he prefers to sit alone at lunchtimes and why he saves his school lunches ‘for later’. The other children think he’s different and sadly Corey has been teased a lot at school by other children who have not had the same experiences as him. Deep down he would really like friends he can talk to and laugh with and forget about his problems. He hasn’t had anyone to talk to at home.

Every night at Darcy’s bedtime Corey rings and asks about her day, then he makes up a bedtime story and says “night-night”. Every night he worries about his younger sister until he falls asleep. Darcy has been the only constant in his life and he worries about her being so scared on her own.

In his residential home staff are very fond of Corey, and say he has asked if they can help him find part-time work so he can make sure Darcy has presents to open from Santa this year – he knows how it feels not to have any gifts at Christmas and doesn’t want her to think she has been naughty.  They say a safe and caring home will make the world of difference to Corey.

Coronavirus and its lockdown has been really difficult for Corey, he worries a lot which has affected his appetite and sleep and he has become more withdrawn. He really needs a foster mum or dad who will look after Darcy and give him the care and reassurance he needs.

Corey’s Christmas wish is for a safe foster home where he and Darcy can live together and for Santa to bring gifts for Darcy.

If you could be the difference to children like Corey and Darcy and help Corey’s Christmas wish come true, our supportive team would really love to talk to you.

Corey is a very caring and responsible young man and for the last couple of years has filled the big shoes of mum and dad to his little sister.

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