Chelsea is a caring and energetic thirteen-year-old girl, her little sister Layla is eight-years-old and is a happy and sociable child. Together, they long for a safe and secure home, without the fear of separation.

Like many little girls, Chelsea and Layla enjoy listening to pop music, are interested in fashion and like to play hairdressers together. They are both very active and outdoorsy girls, Chelsea is very passionate about cross country running and Layla loves to attend her school’s gymnastic club. Both girls excel in PE and would like the opportunity to join weekend sports clubs at Middlesbrough Sports Village – as they’ve never had the chance before.

In the past, Chelsea and Layla have had a disruptive homelife. As a result, Chelsea is very protective over her younger sister and sometimes struggles to form friendships with her peers, preferring to stay close to Layla. Layla is generally a happy little girl and forms friendships easily with children her own age. However, Chelsea is ultimately whom she feels safest with and looks to her for cuddles when in need of comfort.

Chelsea is a very caring and loving little girl who longs for a foster carer who can support her emotionally by listening to her when she is upset and provide reassurance and guidance. Layla is a happy but timid girl, she can find noisy situations such as school assemblies distressing at times. This is due to adults raising their voices at home in the past, causing her to be anxious around loud noises. When asked what she would like in a foster carer, Layla said she would like someone who would not shout at her or Chelsea, as this makes her feel worried and Chelsea upset.

In terms of schooling, Chelsea’s high energy levels can sometimes make concentrating difficult in class, however she has made good progress after her teachers established a method of teaching that mixes both practical and written work. As her concentration has improved, so has her confidence, and she is now on track to achieve her academic goals! School is also very important to Layla, she has developed trusting relationships with her teachers, but requires a stable home life to continue her excellent progress. She is a bright girl and enjoys history and reading, her favourite stories are fairy tales.

When asked what they would like in a foster carer, Layla said she would like someone to take her to the Dorman Museum and to have a friend visit for tea after school sometimes. Chelsea said she would like a nice foster parent who would look after her and her sister and cheer her on with her running.

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Chelsea and Layla long for a safe and secure home, without the fear of separation.

A girl brushing her sisters hair