Amir is a friendly little boy with a cheeky sense of humour who would love to live near his family and friends in Middlesbrough.

Amir is a happy five-year old boy, who attends primary school in Middlesbrough. Unfortunately, Amir has not been able to find a foster family in the local area to care for him, so he must travel to school from his current foster carer’s home in Bishop Auckland. As a young child, travelling a long distance twice every day can take its toll. Amir is often tired and hungry, as he needs to wake up much earlier than his friends to arrive at school on time. He also misses opportunities to socialise with children his own age, as living far away means he can’t attend after school clubs with his friends.

Amir likes his current foster family but needs to be closer to school so that he can make the most of his education. He’s doing well at school and is very popular with his teachers, but they are concerned about how his long commute may affect his grades in the future.

Like lots of children his age, Amir loves playing with cars and LEGO, and would love to be able to go to school on his scooter, which is his favourite thing! Amir loves to draw and many of his pictures are displayed in his classroom, so he would love a carer who is able to attend his school parent’s evenings and stay and play sessions, so they can see his work.

When asked what he would like from a foster carer, Amir’s wish is to have a family who lives in Middlesbrough, so he can have a friend over for tea and join an after school club.

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Amir’s wish is to have a new family who live in Middlesbrough so he doesn’t get as tired and he can see his friends more.

Boy riding a scooter