Ali and Ibrahim are excitable and funny little boys who are in need of a stable and loving foster home to grow up in.

Aged four and six, Ali and Ibrahim are brothers who love spending time playing together. Two years ago their mum made the difficult decision to send the boys to live with their extended family to keep them safe. After leaving their family in Afghanistan, the boys were traumatized by their experiences and having to leave their parents. Sadly their aunt passed away and now they are in desperate need of a loving home and carers who let them form their own sense of identity whilst making friends with other children.

Ali loves playing with the other children at nursery. It takes him a while to settle in most days, his teachers always notice tears in his eyes when he leaves his big brother so they make sure to distract him with toys. As soon as the cars come out though, he gets stuck in and makes engine noises as he races them across the carpet. He can be quite competitive and sometimes finds it difficult to communicate with other children as English is not his first language. Ali’s big brother has taught him to play fairly and he always makes sure his classmates take it in turns to use the play equipment. Ali would love a fostering family who could help him make friends at nursery and take him to Albert Park.

A couple of years older than Ali, Ibrahim has had a lot to deal with at a young age. This has made him a bit more reserved than his younger brother, and he tends to stay quiet at school. He loves reading stories and showing off all the new words he has learned to his teachers. Ibrahim would love a fostering family to read him a story before he goes to sleep every night, like his mum used to.

Both boys really love going to the mosque as it gives them a sense of belonging and look forward to Friday prayers (Jumma).

Having been through a lot together, Ali and Ibrahim are inseparable. Their brotherly bond is very strong and they would love to be fostered together. The two boys are different in a lot of ways, but they have something in common – they always bring a smile to everybody’s face.

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Ali and Ibrahim need a loving home and carers who let them form their own sense of identity.

Two young boys playing in the garden