Alfie is a caring and sociable eight-year old boy who longs for a family to enjoy movie nights with, like his classmates do.

Alfie is a timid but caring little boy, who is desperately hoping for a foster carer to develop a trusting friendship with. After a difficult start in life he struggles to trust adults, finding it difficult to make eye contact and conversation. Forming a stable bond with an adult is important to Alfie, and when the trust has been achieved, it is incredibly rewarding to see his fantastic sense of humour shine through.

Alfie has a loving personality and is a sociable child, playing well with others and developing friendships at his LEGO after school club. Although Alfie has friends his own age, he prefers to play with older children and looks to them for guidance and comfort since his older brother, whom he loves to stay in contact with, was placed with a different foster family.

Like most young children, Alfie has many hobbies, he loves drawing Pokémon characters, enjoys playing football and is a big fan of Middlesbrough F.C. He would love a foster carer who can play football with him and teach him how to ride a bike, having never had a chance to learn these skills before.

School is very important to Alfie and over the past 12 months he has made great progress. He really enjoys maths and would love a stable homelife where a carer can help him with his English and reading and support him as he continues to learn. When asked what he would like from a foster carer, Alfie’s wish is to have a family who will pick him up on time from school and remember to give him a clean uniform.

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Alfie’s wish is to have a new family who pick him up on time from school and remember to give him a clean uniform.

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