Fostering Allowance

We know that caring for children takes dedicated time and patience. We value enormously the work our foster carers do. Depending on the type of fostering you feel is right for you, you may find it a challenge to continue to work full-time. We understand this and to ensure that you and the children in your care can live comfortably we offer regularly reviewed and competitive allowance structures for you and the children in your care.

We provide a Fostering Allowance per child, per week alongside a Fostering Fee for carers.

Allowances are reviewed annually

Fostering Allowance per child – This weekly allowance is used for things the child or young person in your care needs, such as food, clothing, toiletries, entertainment, and transportation to activities. A proportion of it also goes to cover the additional cost that may be incurred, of having a foster child in your home in terms of utility expenses.

Child allowances from 06/04/23

Age Weekly allowance Daily allowance
0 – 2 £154.00 £22.00
3 – 4 £159.00 £22.72
5 – 10 £175.00 £25.00
11 – 15 £202.58 £28.94
16+ £246.47 £35.21

Fostering Fee for carers – In addition to the fostering allowance above we offer a payment structure which reflects our carers commitment to training and development and supports them to give the very best care to our children.

Payments from 11/02/23

Weekly allowance Daily allowance
Level 1 – 1st child £175.00 £25.00 This is the level that will be paid to those foster carers who do not meet the requirements of being a level 2 carer.
Level 1 – subsequent child £100.00 £14.29
Level 2 – 1st child £275.00 £39.29 This is the expected level for the majority of foster carers approved by Middlesbrough Council. This level requires that the fostering carers in each household meet the requirements which will be clearly set out by their fostering social worker and reviewed as part of the annual review process. The requirements will be around training, recording of information, the meeting of National Minimum Standards and attendance at support groups.
Level 2 – subsequent child £200.00 £28.57
Level 3 – solo placement/Unaccompanied Asylum seeking child £495.00 £70.72 This is for placements where exceptional circumstances occur. These exceptional circumstances may include but not be limited to; placements for asylum seeking Children / Young People, placements where the Child / Young Person has a significant degree of disability and occasions where the nature of a placement requires that the Foster Carer does not take any additional placements. This Level also applies to the Future for Families Hub Carer providers.
Level 4 (parent & child) £770.00 £110.00 This level applies to Foster Carers providing Parent and Child placements. These are highly specific placements which require the Foster Carer to undertake additional training and provide intensive support to both parent and child.

Tax Relief for Foster Carers:

Tax exemption – In a tax year, households do not pay tax on the first £18,140 they earn from fostering. You’ll still pay tax on  money you earn from a job or investment.

Tax relief – On top of the £18,140 exemption, you also get tax relief for every week (or part week) that a child is in your care. This means you do not have to pay tax on some of your earnings over £18,140.

For more information about the financial support available when providing quality care for our children please contact our friendly team.